Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life is a whirlwind adventure so have faith

Hello everybody! How are you doing today? I hope this post finds you in the best of moods. And if not...hopefully, if anything, it can help change it! I know I haven't posted like I intended, but like this title says, life didn't slow down. It actually picked up and I have been GoGo Gadget mom since! LOL...Life is great though. No matter what! My faith stays strong and is what continously keeps me grounded! Life works in mysterious ways, and I find myself still in awe of it, even after all the curve balls it throws at me. Again, because of my faith, in God, I feel I can look at the greater, more powerful things in life and feel at peace. There are times where I have questioned things in my religion, but the one thing that has always remained constant, is my faith. My faith in God. He has always been there, wether at that moment, I needed him or not. God is always by my side and keeps me strong. I guess I just had to share! Maybe someone out there needs Him and will read this and will realize...this is just what I needed. I've said it works in mysterious ways, but I do believe, God guides us! I will take my exit now for it is getting pretty late and the chitlin's will be up before I even know it. So...whatever it is or who ever you are and whatever you may believe...always...always...have faith!

NOTE: I typed all this in the spur of the moment and literally all in one "breathe". So PLEASE 1) excuse the spelling & grammer, 2) do not worry about the writing style, and 3) all things happen for a reason!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Eggs....

Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting like I should be. My goal is still to blog more than I should and I will....slowly but surely, right!! But in the is a video of my LOVES..........enjoy!

MaluLOVES on Youtube!