Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life is a whirlwind adventure so have faith

Hello everybody! How are you doing today? I hope this post finds you in the best of moods. And if not...hopefully, if anything, it can help change it! I know I haven't posted like I intended, but like this title says, life didn't slow down. It actually picked up and I have been GoGo Gadget mom since! LOL...Life is great though. No matter what! My faith stays strong and is what continously keeps me grounded! Life works in mysterious ways, and I find myself still in awe of it, even after all the curve balls it throws at me. Again, because of my faith, in God, I feel I can look at the greater, more powerful things in life and feel at peace. There are times where I have questioned things in my religion, but the one thing that has always remained constant, is my faith. My faith in God. He has always been there, wether at that moment, I needed him or not. God is always by my side and keeps me strong. I guess I just had to share! Maybe someone out there needs Him and will read this and will realize...this is just what I needed. I've said it works in mysterious ways, but I do believe, God guides us! I will take my exit now for it is getting pretty late and the chitlin's will be up before I even know it. So...whatever it is or who ever you are and whatever you may believe...always...always...have faith!

NOTE: I typed all this in the spur of the moment and literally all in one "breathe". So PLEASE 1) excuse the spelling & grammer, 2) do not worry about the writing style, and 3) all things happen for a reason!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Eggs....

Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting like I should be. My goal is still to blog more than I should and I will....slowly but surely, right!! But in the is a video of my LOVES..........enjoy!

MaluLOVES on Youtube!

Monday, January 25, 2010

So the adveture begins.....

Hey everyone!

I hope the new year finds you healthy and ready to face the world...again! As the new year starts I find myself wanting more. Although I have a great, patient, understanding, and loving family to whom I am so devoted to and love to care for, friends I can probably count all in 1 hand, going to school and learning a new trade and becoming the student I knew I could be, I feel the need to evolve once again. As if there isn't enough to do, I still want more! I think I am one of those people who thrive on stress. Well...thrive might be too strong of a word to use, but definitely someone who doesn't mind it once in awhile. I don't know how to explain it, but I am ready for another adventure and I hope all you who reads this will join me. Even after all the laundry that never gets done and PUT AWAY(that is always the HARDEST part for cooking, cleaning, feeding the chitlins and the animals (although some days they are one in the homework, finding time to "chitchat" (meaning sharing celebrity gossip :D )with BFF, studying for tests, preparing my grocery list and coupons (I love to save and I'm really good at it...I will share my secret with you if you ask!), I still feel the need to add more on my plate that would seem pretty full. The things is...everything on my plate is essential to my livelihood and my family. In one way or other, everything I do, I not only do it for myself, I do for my family and I just can't stop because I want to. I realized, don't know when exactly, but what I was lacking was the creative juices that flowed through my body before I had my family. I'm not sure how many of you will understand me, but once I became Ma2 Malu, my life just changed. Please don't get me wrong as if I regret the changes in my life, because I don't. I just realized that...well...there is so much more me I need to rediscover! Where I will go from here, well...I really don't know, BUT I know that I want to start blogging more about things I love whether it will be about my family, friends, coupons, scrapbooking, makeup, artists, whats HOT and whats NOT...WHO's HOT or NOT :P ...I don't know, but I know I'm ready to try and become......a....full time blogger :D
Yes...It sounds funny, but I think this will help me. Not only will I be able to share my life's LOVES, but maybe someone will enjoy reading and become inspired like me, like I have by all of you! Maybe someone can learn from my stories! Who knows what can happen nowadays...I'm just getting excited with this new adventure! Hopefully you are too! Just thinking about all the things I can do...I'm starting (starting?) to ramble. I hate to cut out so abruptly, but I better go?! I have so many ideas starting to swarm in my head....and I haven't even started my homework! Oh the adventure begins! Goodnight folks and I will see you 2morrow!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A weird Christmas Eve....

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope all you are being safe out there.'s Christmas Eve, but no presents are open and all the kids are asleep. Went to sleep around 9pm...what? I know....well..I guess I should say the girls and I went to sleep. My son is out of town with family and celebrating there. I know he is having fun...being with family and staying up past bedtime and I'm sure opening presents. I just miss him so. It really isn't quiet the same without him. I guess I just had to blog about it. The girls keep me busy, but life still isn't complete without him. Okay... my bad..just missin' my Ma2's boy! Today we went to go see one of our aunt's and on the way there, I decided to do a little web cam moment. We had fun in the car. Nothing new for honey and I usually have the best conversations on drives. Sometimes that is the only time we can concentrate on just us. Even though the kids are in the car, and honestly, can drive US nuts, when they fall asleep on those long honey and I can catch up on a lot of US time. We were on our way to pick up the kids...yup kids in tow, yet and so it made it kind of different and not...the honey and I still had our is a snippet of todays convo's....ENJOY!

MaluLOVES on Youtube!