Sunday, January 25, 2009

A weird Christmas Eve....

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope all you are being safe out there.'s Christmas Eve, but no presents are open and all the kids are asleep. Went to sleep around 9pm...what? I know....well..I guess I should say the girls and I went to sleep. My son is out of town with family and celebrating there. I know he is having fun...being with family and staying up past bedtime and I'm sure opening presents. I just miss him so. It really isn't quiet the same without him. I guess I just had to blog about it. The girls keep me busy, but life still isn't complete without him. Okay... my bad..just missin' my Ma2's boy! Today we went to go see one of our aunt's and on the way there, I decided to do a little web cam moment. We had fun in the car. Nothing new for honey and I usually have the best conversations on drives. Sometimes that is the only time we can concentrate on just us. Even though the kids are in the car, and honestly, can drive US nuts, when they fall asleep on those long honey and I can catch up on a lot of US time. We were on our way to pick up the kids...yup kids in tow, yet and so it made it kind of different and not...the honey and I still had our is a snippet of todays convo's....ENJOY!

MaluLOVES on Youtube!

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  1. Awe! My Christmas was so bad last year! my hubby was at work and me and my son at home watching tv! So boring...